So what’s the Big idea?

Delivery drones for everyone!

At the moment the delivery drone market is very enterprise orientated and for most parts of society simply not accessible. We want to change that, by offering you the worlds first, fully autonomous delivery drone, targeting the consumer market.

Whether you forgot to pack lunch for your kids or you want to pickup something from a friend. We think all of that should be possible without leaving your property.

Our first prototype Notos moves at 116 km/h, takes off nearly vertically and battery life lasts around 32-37 minutes. Even fully loaded its weight stays beneath the 2kg mark so it won’t be necessary to get a drone operating license in order to fly it.

But there is actually not much to control in the first place. Common messenger apps will be able to share GPS coordinates to your drone. It then automatically calculates a safe and quick route which it follows autonomously. No-fly zones like nature reserves or airports are taken in account and will be cautiously avoided.

This concept offers a CO2 neutral decentralized alternative to conservative delivery solutions like courier services.

We’re excited for what tomorrow holds up for us and hope that you are too.

Career at anemoi.

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