Our vision:

reinventing courier-services

Our goal is no easy task. But it’s time.

Anemoi is a drone based courier service to air-ship everything to everyone. Our jets are capable of vertical take-off and landing aswell as autonomous navigation and communication. The cruise speed of our flagship is about 230km/h and the customer only pays for the bee-line distances.

Whether you forgot to pack lunch for your kids or you look for a strong vendor to distribute your sandwiches all over town. A drone will come and pick up whatever you want to be delivered.

Your cargo will then be deployed with a winch, at a location you can freely choose with your smartphone.

If you want to know more about that please refer to our service page.

You can test how ordering will be like in our own integrated chatbot. Just click the small chat-bubble in your display corner.

We accompany you from the first step to the last. With our in-house service portfolio we assist you with everything. For example getting to know the anemoi-app, an app that will enable your employees to use the drones safely themselves. Flight monitoring, customer tracking, package deployment and safe return of aircraft will be observable through live data-streams.

Career at anemoi.

Do you want a challenging start-up experience to bolster your resume and gain advanced industry knowledge of unmanned aviation?

Do you have skills that we might need?


Are you interested in our offer? Please get in touch to receive the latest development updates and contribute directly to the development by telling us what you want.