Meet the Team

We’re a team of 6 students originating from multiple institutes and universities. Our fields of expertise include:

Electrical Engineering

3-D Object and PCB Design

Fluid Dynamic Analysis and Optimization

App, Web and Software Development

Multiple Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Techniques

Artificial Intelligence, Machine- and Deep-Learning

Meet the Founders

The three founders are bachelor students at the University of Bremen. You can take a look at their CVs and individual skills at the CV links below the short summaries. Everyone of them chose a business minor, enabling them to handle everyday challenges like accounting and project-management besides their regular development tasks.

Julius Pinsker


Prototyping, Construction

Student, University of Bremen:


Tarran Durham


Software Development, Webdesign

Student, University of Bremen:


Nick Meyer


Conceptual logistics, Business Administration

Student, University of Bremen:


Next Steps…

Get in touch with us to discuss possible collaboration! We are always looking for partners.