First things first

Notos is our first fully- functional, small goods carrying prototype. It’s capable of vertical take-off and landing and flies autonomously. At the moment its entire body is 3-D printed but we’re already working on some more durable alternatives like glass-fiber, carbon and even kevlar. The battery included utilizes a whooping 12600mAh, which powers the drone for 32-37 minutes, depending on wind and speed. All models communicate via 4G and need a nano SIM card to function properly. Don’t worry though! The Drone won’t crash your data plan, if you don’t let it. Just activate the data saving option in the Anemoi App and let your drone transmit only bare necessities.

Never get in your car again to transport everyday stuff!

The cargo-space of Notos is perfectly sized to handle small goods like a gaming controller or multiple chocolate bars. Even tough the volume is rather limited, the weight it’s been able to carry is quite impressive. Loads up to 1,5kg pose no problem whatsoever.

Completely Customizable

Build your very own Notos in our Drone-Configurator. Choose from a big variety of colors, motors, features and even materials. Your drone has to be quicker than everyone elses? Easy! Need more range? Done! Pinch and tweak every single detail of your drone until it’s truely yours.

4G Capable