Enterprise solutions

Fully integratable

Thanks to Open-Source libraries our system is fully integretable into existing systems. The navigation and telemetry is based on ::ROS and Tensorflow. Through our Anemoi API it will be possible to embed full functionality of our platform into yours. Streaming live flight data as well as manipulating pick-up and landing coordinates.


We will have every single flight monitored by a human 24/7. If emergency situations occur there will always be a flight support agent available to take over. There is no single component of failure, everything is designed redundantly. For the worst-case scenarios the aircrafts heavier than 2kg will be equipped with a whole-aircraft-parachute.

Scalable beyond the horizon

All the infrastructure needed to operate our platform are parking-lots and people monitoring the flights. Our anti-collision system is an agile routing planner that coordinates seamless take-offs and quick landings.

Smart analytics

In all enterprise packages we include smart analytic dashboards, allowing your business managers to easily predict load, cost and benefit-analysis. Our team includes Data scientists whose only job it is to find key performance indicators that will actually be useful for you. Machine learning technology highlights key business drivers and insights so you can take action. We also utilize state of the art convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning techniques to better optimize flight paths and delivery paths.

Solutions for all industries

○ Catering

○ Automotive

○ Electronics

○ Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

○ Engineering & Manufacturing

○ Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

○ Retail